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President Jennifer Dudley

Signing Up
Contact Jennifer Dudley to inform her that you would like to join. You will be asked to fill out a few forms. These include medical information, contact form, and a reservation request. The cost of camp this year is $425.00. The cost includes the price of transportation and room and board at Camp Lake Ann. The also includes a show shirt for each student. The show shirt will be worn at many events throughout the year. An order form for parents to purchase show shirts and other apparel is available on the forms tab. PRECAMP & BAND CAMP IS MANDATORY IN ORDER TO MARCH WITH THE JOHN GLENN ROCKET MARCHING BAND.
Getting Ready
Students should attend rehearsals, on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the month of July. Times and days are subject to change.  Precamp for the 2015 season will be August 1st - August 5th. Students should bring a sack lunch and water. WE ARE NOT ALLOWED OFF SCHOOL CAMPUS FOR LUNCH BREAKS. Water fountains are available to refill water bottles. Please dress appropriately for the weather. The band will perform in all weather conditions with the exception of where lightning is a factor.
Getting There
2016 Band Camp at Lake Ann is August 6th - August 12th. The band goes to camp via chartered bus, which departs Saturday. All students should arrive at John Glenn by the east parking lot no later than 8:00 am Saturday (yes, in the morning). If there is equipment to be loaded it is expected that all students will assist loading. The equipment truck and buses will then be loaded and we will depart for camp at 9:00 am.  
Coming Home
The band returns from camp Friday around 4:00pm, depending on traffic and road conditions. Upon their return there will be a short rehearsal and then a performance on the field at JG.  This is sort of a Homecoming for the band members, and gives them a chance to showcase what they learned at camp in front of the parents. We recommend parents be there at 4:00pm if they want to catch the performance.  Note: If for some reason you were planning to bring your student home from Camp, you must provide the Director with a written note, and notify the Director or Chaperone before you leave.  ONLY A PARENT OR IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBER WILL HAVE THIS OPTION.  If special circumstances exist, you must make special arrangements with the Director BEFORE the band leaves for camp.
Post Camp
After the return from camp, rehearsals will resume. Our Assistant Director will provide a schedule that will be available when they return from camp. 


Camp Lake Ann
Camp Lake Ann is located at 18215 Baptist Camp Trail, Lake Ann, MI. The phone number is 231-275-7329. The telephone number at Camp Lake Ann is a business number. Please use this number in case of an emergency only. Also Camp Lake Ann might be using an answering machine or voice mail, so if you need to leave a message after business hours (9:00 am - 4:00 pm), they will see to it that we get the message and we will in turn make sure your son or daughter receives the message. In any emergency situation, the Band Director will be contacting the parent or emergency contact at the number listed on the Medical Information Form.The following is information you will need for band camp.

Rules of Conduct
Students will abide by the Wayne-Westland Community School's Student Conduct Rules, the Laws of the State of Michigan, and any additional rules provided by the Director and/or Camp Lake Ann.  Students are not permitted to leave their cabin without permission after Taps (lights out). Students will also be bound to certain designated areas/ boundaries while at the Camp. Failure to abide by the rules as mentioned could subject your student to expulsion from the Camp, with no refund of fees paid.  The Director has the right to send a student home at their expense.

Important Tips
  • The adults accompanying us on the trip are volunteering their time - PLEASE treat them with respect at all times
  • You are only allowed ONE Large Suitcase for packing your belongings.
  • The shoes you wear for marching should be comfortable, with sturdy support, and durable for the many hours and days ahead of you. NO FLIP FLOPS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE FIELD.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes so as to not inhibit movement.

Band Camp "What to Bring" List


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